Tips For Choosing Bathroom Blinds

Choosing a practical blinds is the key in bathrooms (kitchens too) as they have to take on some testing challenges. Steam, condensation, and humidity all pose a problem for certain types. To help you tackle these issues, we’ve got some handy tips below…

1. Avoid real wood

Real Wood is best avoided in damp or humid environment. Stains, warping and twists to the panels occur over time, and the last thing you want is for your blinds to look weather worn. The alternative? Faux Wood blinds have the look of real wood and give that rustic feel but deal great against that dreaded water.

2. Choose a suitable fabric

Just as real woods aren’t the most suitable of fabrics for a bathroom, there’s a few others that should be avoided too. Cotton, linen and silk are just a few. The moisture can get caught in the fibres, and the results aren’t very pretty. PVC and polyester are much better choices. Better still, some of our most popular designs are available on a polyester fabric.

3. Roller blinds are best

Almost any type of blind can be used in a bathroom, but roller blinds are our favourite choice. We’ve already touched upon the practical points, and the huge array of designs, but roller blinds can be pulled up, out of the way of splashes and stains and window sill items, whilst still providing shade from the sun as well as privacy too. We love using them to create a statement piece or accent colour in an otherwise plain room.